Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Hey Angie,
Just wanted to give you an update. I went to the dr this morning, and he sent me over to the specialist. That dr looked at my eyes for about 5 seconds and said he knew what it was... Meesman's Corneal Dystrophy, or Microscopic Cystic Cornel Dystrophy... meaning I have cysts in my pupils that is impairing my vision. (I actually have them on BOTH eyes, bot my left eye the cysts are above my pupils, where on my right eye, my pupils are covered with them). He said it will probably take about a month with all the eyes drops and ointments to start clearing up, and even then he doesn't know if he can get it back to 100%. He looked at my eyes more and did a bunch of swabs and drops, and now I can't see out of either eye!!!! Crazy I know!I don't feel comforted by that at all. Yes, I am glad its nothing worse... but my vision is sooo blurry, I can't even drive. There HAS to be something someone can do. Please continue to pray. I am going to do some research, and talk to my reg. eye dr again tomorrow (this dr. came in this morning on his day off, just to see me! He was very concerned for me, and said he had been talking to the specialist and researching stuff all weekend!...very nice guy!) So we will see. I just don't want to accept that I will never be able to see my sweet little boys faces clear again!!! It just breaks my heart!Thanks again for all your prayers! You are awesome!

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