Sunday, February 1, 2009
Hi Angie,

Thru the years you have always been so good about praying for whatever I have asked. I have a request for your prayer blog, actually I have 2 requests. The 1st one is for a friend of mine, Sue Homme. Since August of 2005 Sue has been the pre school teacher for both of my sons Cade and Aiden.

She was Cade's 3 yr old teacher, and Aiden had her for 2 & 3 yr olds. She is an amazing person that children just love! She is also a wonderful wife and mother of 4 fabulous kids! Last week Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer. We are devastated for Sue and her family. We all want to help her and her family. Right now she is just asking that everyone just pray for her and her family. Her faith is amazing and she knows the Lord will guide her and her family thru this trying time. She is ready to fight and has just started chemotherapy this week. It is also her intention to stay at St. Jerome's and continue to teach the 3 yr olds. To say that she is loved by her little ones (the students) and their parents would be an understatement!! Please ask your prayer warriors to pray for Sue and her family. Strength for all of them!! Sue and her husband have 4 children. The oldest 2 are twin boys that are in their 1st year of college. Her daughter is a junior in High School and her youngest is a freshman. This is a trying time for all. Please pray for them. Thank you so much!!

My other prayer request is for my friend from high school, Jeannette Carrell Adamyk.

She is currently pregnant with her 2nd child. She just received the news a few weeks ago that baby Caleb has Trisomy 18. Jeannette and her husband are praying that baby Caleb lives long enough after he is born for them to hold him and love on him before they send him home to Heaven. Please pray for Caleb to live long enough for them to love on him, and enjoy the short time they will have with this beautiful baby. Also pray for Caleb to be strong and to know the love of his parents and brother. My heart is broken for Jeannette, and what her family is going through.

Thank you so much!!

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At April 15, 2009 at 3:10 PM, Anonymous Nina Seminole, FL said........
I wanted to post an update for my friend Jeannette and her baby Caleb. Caleb Nathaniel Adamyk was born on Friday March 27th. Caleb will celebrate his 4 week birthday this coming up Friday April 17th!! The family is so excited that God has answered prayers and Caleb is filled with God's strength!! Thank you to everyone who has prayed!! God is good each and every day!!

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