Friday, March 6, 2009
UPDATE AS OF 3/18/09:
All is well. God is ssoooooo good! What a praise. Thank you for your powerful prayers. Aside from a little tiny pill (heart medication) to help the tachychardia I'm now having, everything else is fine. All of my stress tests, echo test, EKG, holter monitor test, blood work, etc. came back normal for the most part. I'm thankful for incredible doctors, awesome nursing staff, and priceless blog friends who are my prayer warriors anytime we need them. Blessings to each of you. Hugs, Angie Seaman
There are many times here on the blog when I have come to all of you asking for prayers for others. And this time, I've hesitated even bringing this up on here. However, after much thought and consideration...I've decided that there isn't ever a time when prayer - and lots of prayer - isn't needed. Today, I am requesting prayers for myself this time.

The past three days have been a whirl wind of emotions for me. I spent Tuesday night awake every hour on the hour with severe heart palpation's. Waking all thru the night feeling as though my heart was about to explode out of my chest - praying that I could stay awake in fear to go back to sleep. Fearful that I wouldn't wake up. Yes, that is how bad it was. Wednesday evening and into the night was no different. Throughout the past few days, I've had palpation's, weird tingling sensations in my arms, slight chest pains, nauseated feelings, etc. I can get thru the day but the nighttime hours have become some of the scariest hours of my life recently. I have always had weird heart palpation's and things that caused me to "wonder" if something could be wrong. When pregnant with Brennen, I was diagnosed with sinus tachycardia and placed on beta blockers for a racing pulse. After I delivered, my cardiologist took me off the heart medication and chalked it up to a strenuous pregnancy. Therefore, I always have distant thoughts of "what if" something is wrong deep inside and they've never found it.

Wednesday night, around 11pm, I ended up in our local Emergency Room. The fear and the heart palpation's were too much to handle. After a quick EKG, being stuck tons of times until they finally got an IV inserted, rounds and rounds of blood work, urine analysis, etc. the ER doc told me that everything was checking out just fine. She released me around 3am Thursday morning. However, I am currently hooked up to what is called a "Holter Monitor." (see image in photo above) The ER doc wanted to track my heart for 24 hours while at home to see if they could pick anything up that they didn't while I was in the ER. This little monitor is my new best friend until Saturday around 11am. From there, I'll take the monitor off and return it on Monday. It will take until the latter half of next week to hear results. I also am meeting with a general family doctor and the cardiologist in regards to reviewing the findings and discussing all this further.

In a nutshell, I'm praying that this is all just some kind of anxiety issue or panic attack even. I've never had either one so that would be a new thing for me. However, I'd rather it be that than something to do with my heart structurally. I am not a doctor girl. I never go. Never have a need to. I don't even have a family doctor because I never need to visit one. I am not a pill girl either. I have to have a REALLY bad headache to even take an aspirin. Other than daily birth control, that is really the only pill I ever have a need to take. Therefore, I knew I was scared if I was willing to pack up and go to the ER Wednesday night.

So...I ask that if you can, will you please drown me in prayers in the coming days/week while I wait out the very anticipated results from this monitor and word from what the doc and the cardiologist think? I know that prayer changes things - especially prayer in numbers. I have felt very uneasy, unable to breathe at times, and extreme concern since Tuesday. It's been very hard for me to focus, to eat, to stay in tune with what is going on around me. I've never considered my life that stressful but maybe my body is trying to tell me something. Kenidi locked herself in my car last week, the daily battles with raising a special needs child, a 10 year old who thinks he is 16 at times, etc. etc. etc. I have just never felt that I was dealing with anything any different than a normal Mom does running to and fro with her own children. However, in hindsight and after lots of reflection in the past couple of days, I'm starting to wonder if I'm pushing myself too much and placing way too much expectation on my day to day grind.

With that said, I'm taking the weekend to breathe and search for some peace while awaiting the end result of this ordeal. Brent and I are getting out with three other of our couple friends for dinner and a movie tomorrow night. I need the distraction and friends are just the trick for that need. In the meantime, I will update as I can and post as I feel like it. However, I must admit that my mind is elsewhere right now - far far away from this blog. Thank you in advance for the prayers. I truly appreciate them and am very thankful that I have this avenue to ask for them in. I know I have many prayer warriors around the country and even outside the US. For that, I am so very thankful during a time like this.

I'll keep you posted as I learn of any new details. For now, I'm praying like a mad woman for God to give me peace thru it all and for him to give me a positive result. This may be his way of getting me to slow down. If so, it is working.

Much love and gratitude, Angie

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At March 6, 2009 at 5:45 PM, Blogger Cindy said........
Angie, I will keep you in my prayers. I am sure it was terrifying for you, and hope that this is something they will be able to resolve quickly. Please keep us updated as you receive word from the doctors.

At March 6, 2009 at 9:00 PM, Blogger Cortney K. said........
How awful. I am way OCD and only the perfect will do for me so I know that feeling. I sometimes have to remind myself that no one else will notice if the throw and pillow aren't in their EXACT spot. I hope it is something that just slowing down and taking more time for you, will help. ((hugs))

At March 11, 2009 at 6:09 PM, Anonymous Mommy said........
I will always be praying for my little Angel! xoxoxoxo I love you, Mommy

At March 24, 2009 at 7:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said........
Please pray for Baby Stellan--he has(Supra Ventricular Tachycardia=very high heart rate)

go to
to read about it!!

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