Sunday, April 12, 2009
Hey Angie. Would you mind adding this sweet little girl to the prayer blog? This is my best friend's daughter, Abby Grace. She's having some very serious medical issues right now and we would just like prayer for her. I'll attach the info for your blog post. We're reaching out to people now in hopes that people can pray that it doesn't get more serious than it already is.
Please let everyone know that we are starting a prayer blog for Abby Grace and I'll send that info over when it's finished. This little girl is very sweet and near and dear to our heart so please keep her and her mother in your prayers! I've attached a picture so that people can put a prayer with a face. ~Rachel

I just wanted to ask everyone to please be in prayer for Abby Grace over the next few weeks. We had her follow up appointment yesterday at Texas Children's from her sleep study. I found out that she has 2 different types of apnea, central and obstruction. She stops breathing every ten minutes in the night and her oxygen dipped down into the 80's and even down to 62 twice (which she came out of on her own very quickly). The first step they will do is an MRI to ensure there isn't a growth on her brain that should not be there. That is the first thing they look for in a child her age with central apnea happening so often. We are taking steps now to try and control the obstruction apnea which will involve a surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids. They are not enlarged, but her doctor would like to allow as much space as possible for airflow during the night. Because Abby Grace stopped breathing the last time she was under anesthesia, this will all be done at one of the best children's hospitals in the country. She will also be put completely to sleep for her MRI.. Anesthesia is now a very scary thing for mom!!! Both follow up appointments are on June 2. Please be in prayer for good results on her MRI and peace during this stressful and scary time. Thanks so much.
~Amanda, Abby Grace's Mom

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At April 12, 2009 at 6:06 PM, Blogger Crystal said........
Bless her heart. I will be praying for your sweet child.

My daughter Bentley will be having her heart surgery in May at the same hosptial (Texas Children's).. it is definitely one of the best children's hospital out there.

I will be adding Abby Grace to my daily prayers. As well as her family.


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