Friday, April 10, 2009
UPDATE AS OF 4/14/09: Hey Angie!! Well my dad doesn't have anything major like we thought, but they still can't figure out what is causing his headaches. His doctor went over his brain scans with us and my dads MS has progressed very rapidly. When he had his last MRI in '03 he only had a few small areas of white matter, which is dead nerves in your brain. Now about 40% of his brain is covered in white matter. My dad never told me he had stopped taking his medicine because of the side effects it had on him, he used to take injections everyday but they caused his skin to become hard and leathery and would make it almost impossible to use a needle, so he quit. Me and my step mom have almost convinced him to take a another drug that he has taken before that has less side effects but he is leery. The drug would slow the progress of this disease but not stop it because there is no cure. My dad has a tendency of not telling others when he is hurt or stops doing stuff which I got on to him about but I understand his reasoning. My dad cried back in the exam room and told us he wished this was over. I can see why he gets depressed because he walks slowly, often falls and hurts himself, has seizures, slurs his speech and shouldn't drive because of the seizures he has. He often tells me how much he misses work and his friends. My dad hasn't worked in 10 years and I know he gets bored just sitting around the house, I go to see him every chance I get and we talk everyday for about hour. I try to keep his spirits up and encourage him to read his bible. We exchange a lot of recipes and gardening ideas so at least that keeps him some what busy. Thank you again Angie for keeping my dad in your prayers and for helping make a worldwide prayer chain not only for me but everyone that reads your blogs. I told my dad about you and your family and our blogs. He's not computer savvy and wondered how we met and I told him but I don't think he got it HEHE. Thanks for praying for my family again and being a warrior for God. Sometimes we don't know what God has in store for us but I think God has given you the power of spreading his word and helping make prayer chains through your blog.
Your bloggy friend ~ Molly P

Hey Angie!! It looks like you guys have had a lot of fun on spring break. I hate to ask this of you but I need you as a prayer warrior. My dad has had piercing pains in his head for 2 and half months and didn't tell anyone because I think he knows something's wrong. He finally told me last week because he had a spell in front of my step mom and she made him call the doctor. He went in for a emergency appointment and has his MRI and MRA tomorrow. We won't get the results until Monday. If you have just one second to send one little prayer up that would be awesome. I truly believe in the power of prayer and having many people praying for the same thing. I have not had to deal with this type of situation before and would just like to be guided by God if we get the worst. I know you are on your vacation and I hate to even bother you, but I do value our "blog" friendship (HEHE). Thank you for listening or shall I say reading my request. I hope you guys have a safe trip home and have had a ton of fun down there.
Your friend in Christ ~ Molly P.

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