Sunday, January 25, 2009
Remember me? I want to share my pain as a mother. My failure to keep my beautiful baby boy safe from alcohol and drugs. Safe from losing my precious daughter from a tragic birth defect that left her heart unable to sustain her past her first birthday. Failure as a mother who was unable to keep her husband from the arms of another woman. Failure to give my 12 year old daughter a father at the most critical time in a young girls life. Failure to be tough and kick my son out of my home for abusing alcohol when he rages on us and punches holes in walls and breaks windows. If anyone is a failure it is me. But the Lord knows my heart and He is the only one who can forgive me. On this coming Monday (January 26th) I am having a professional intervention in my home to save my son, Luca (which means "of the light") . It is my last ditch effort. If he is unwilling to go into rehab for treatment I must ask him to leave my home and make it on his own. He is emotionally and physically messed up b/c I failed to keep his father at home. PLEASE Pray for me and my family. My whole life.... All I wanted was a happy family! Someday in heaven is where my happiness lies. I would rather have terminal cancer and die than watch my children suffer.
Someday we will meet in paradise! God hold your hand until then...Lovingly, Susan
(You may put us on any and all prayer lists as possible. Please blog for me as I cannot find the wherewithall to repeat myself again before tomorrow. I will keep u posted Angie!)

PS...Really, are the Hoosiers praying?

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At January 25, 2009 at 9:41 AM, Blogger Angie Seaman said........
Susan, YES...we are praying. Know that without a shadow of a doubt. Indiana hoosiers as well as many others. We are lifting you up today and always my friend! Stay tough, be fierce in your faith, and know that God's promises always ring true.
Big hugs on this Sunday and always,
Angie & the prayer warriors

At January 26, 2009 at 11:39 AM, Anonymous Melissa R. said........

Honey, I am praying for you and I HOPE you are finding an Al-anon meeting, getting a sponsor, and keep going back no matter what your first/second/third impressions are. The American Medical Association has labeled alcoholism as a DISEASE. That really is important to remember. From a physical standpoint, your son has this disease and it has NOTHING to do with willpower as so many of us sober folks believe or society has us believe.

Remember the three C's.
-you did not CAUSE your son's alcoholism disease (no more than you can cause him to have diabetes/cancer/etc)
-You cannot CONTROL your son's drinking problem. You can however remove 'enabling behavior' (like paying his bills or providing shelter).
-Finally, you cannot CURE it. Only your son wanting a change for himself, SURRENDERING (not submitting----there IS a difference) to a 12-step program and treatment, getting as sponsor, and getting rigorously honest with himself will change his life. It will take him 90 days of sobriety just to begin to undo the chemical changes that have occured in his brain. Right now, I imagine he is self-centered, lying to you about anything and everything, critical of others, and 99% irrational in his communication.

I pray for you, because I have been where you are. It's like the alcoholic is a rat on a treadmill. Every day, is like the movie Groundhog Day....the same thing over and over again. You find yourself starting to lose it in the insanity of this disease.

The experience, strength, and hope of others in my program helped me to cure my 'addiction' (the alcoholic). We work the same steps as AA because we develop sickness of our own-- attempting to be CEO of the universe. ;-)

We cannot control other people, places, and things.

Let me pray this for you.

"God grant Susan the SERENITY to accept the things she cannot change.

(like her husband's moral decisions, her son's drinking problem, a child's birth defect)

The COURAGE to change the things she can ...

and the WISDOM to know the difference. "

You are loved by a wonderful Father in Heaven that hears your cries. He only asks you to truly surrender those things to him to provide yourself with the peace that covers this.

Feel free to email me at if you need someone to talk to.

At January 27, 2009 at 5:21 AM, Anonymous jamie b. said........
Just wanted to let you know that YES..we are praying for you. Please do not blame yourself. I went through alot with my husband..he too is an alcoholic, we are young with four young children and he too would put holes in the walls, break anything and you always have the fear that you might be next. I felt like it was always something that I did and if I was good then he wouldn't do those things but yes it is an addiction...and I don't think we have any control over it and you should never think it is YOUR fault or ever feel like a failure. He can only get help if he wants to. Everytime my husband would go to jail I would go bail him out and I would let him come home until over the summer I finally made the decision to seperate from him. I thought he had changed and after three months let him come home but not too long ago he did the same thing and this time..I let him stay in jail. You have to put your foot down sometime and not give in and I know it's hard. It's the whole tough love thing. I will be praying for you and your family.

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