Tuesday, February 10, 2009
UPDATE AS OF 3/23/09: Please pray for this family. It was recently determined that the bus driver is the one who actually hit and killed Ziang. Police have ruled his death an accident and do not plan to press charges against the bus driver - who admits to feeling a thump near the area where Ziang's body was found on the morning of his death. To read the full report following the investigation, go HERE.
Ziang Ke is a young 15 year old boy who lived in the neighborhood behind our new home up North. I first learned of Ziang by a local Mom when she informed me that a student in the school district had died from a fall on the ice while waiting on his bus earlier that morning. It broke my heart to learn of the story from her as well as to hear about it on the news in the following days and weeks. Since the accident, I pass by the spot each day where Ziang's body was found by a middle school student - unresponsive - and just right behind our new home. Ziang was a highschool freshman and had the whole world going for him. Initially, the reports from police were that Ziang died from injuries due to a fall while running on the ice. However, once the autopsy was completed, people began to question what really happened to this young boy. As of January 15th, police were still investigating whether he fell on an icy sidewalk or whether a school bus or another vehicle hit him. An autopsy showed the boy's spine and ribs had cut into his liver, an injury that would be "a little unusual" after a fall, said Hamilton County Coroner Thurl Cecil. Ziang's backpack was found 30 to 40 feet away from where his body was discovered.

You can imagine my shock and surprise when learning this afternoon that Ziang is the son of the woman and man who do my nails here at the local nail salon. I had no idea. I hadn't been in the salon since before Christmas. Today was my first day back in almost two months due to being gone over the holidays on vacation and such. While there this afternoon, I learned that Ziang belonged to Grace and Michael. (the salon owners) I have come to know and love them since moving to the North side. I was recommended to their salon by a blog reader/AGD customer of mine. Since the beginning, I have always adored Grace and her upbeat, very personable demeanor. They always ask me about my children and how they are doing. This family is so very kind, so incredibly sweet. I watched Michael, Ziangs father, break into sobbing tears today in the salon when discussing his sons death just a month ago. To say that it broke my heart to witness this would be an understatement. I left there today with tears rolling down my face and called Brent and Mom to tell them about it. Needless to say, I was a mess the rest of the afternoon. Being so new to the area, I had no idea that Grace and Michael lived right behind our neighborhood nor did I realize that Ziang was their son. Until today.

Please pray for this family. They are an incredible couple and are strong in their faith. However, their pain was very evident today as I witnessed this father mourn openly, the loss of their only child. Their son. Please also pray for the police department regarding their investigation of this accident. Father God we just ask that if there is someone out there who knows something or has the truth, that they will have the courage to come forward and bring justice to this tragic boys death.
In his grip, Angie Seaman

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