Friday, March 20, 2009
A sad update to Seamus' story below... Please pray for Sharon and Tom during this very difficult time. It's heart breaking. I hate to see any parent have to go through this. If you knew Tom and Sharon you would feel their goodness as people instantly. There are just no words for what they must be going through right now. Thanks Angie. Rachel

The Children's garden on the 8th floor has always been a place for Sharon and Tom to retreat during this journey with Seamus. It has given them peace, tranquility and a place to bring them closer with the outside world when it was overwhelmin g inside.Earl ier this evening, Sharon and Tom took Seamus to this beautiful, peaceful place to spend their last moments together. They held him in their arms, they read to him, loved on him and were just with him. It was here that there little angel spread his wings and flew to the arms of his heavenly father.Plea se pray for God to give them the strength and peace to accept His will for Seamus and them.
Thomas Seamus Johnston March 1, 2009-April 23, 2009
Good morning Angie. I have a prayer request to ask for. I know that the power of prayer can be amazing - so I'm asking for all of the prayers I can find.

My husband and I have two amazing friends, Tom and Sharon Johnston who were expecting a baby after quite a while trying. On March 1, Sharon gave birth to Thomas Seamus (pronounced Shay-mus) Johnson. The problem is, Seamus wasn't due until June. So, because he was born about 3 months early, he is literally fighting every day for his life. He's had good days and bad days, but he keeps fighting. He has a long road ahead of him and every day is a test for Seamus and his mommy and daddy.

Tom and Sharon are truly two of the very kindest, most wonderful and positive people we know. They are the people you want in your life forever - and people who are ideal to be parents. I ask for prayers for tiny baby Seamus and for our friends Tom and Sharon!

I've attached a couple of pictures from their website. One of the Johnston's hands and one of Tom's wedding ring on Seamus's arm. Thanks Angie.

Rachel (Johnson) Wade

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At March 23, 2009 at 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said........
Want you to know I am praying! Praying that baby Thomas will be able to breath, grow and make amazing progress. May God keep breathing life into this precious baby.

This blog is intended for those individuals requesting prayer for themselves or someone they know who needs prayer as well. Whether we know you personally or whether you are just a passer by on this blog, we would love to lift you or someone you know up in prayer.

Do you have a praise? If so, we'd love to hear about that and share Gods blessings as well. The bible states that for two or more people who come together in agreement of prayer will have their prayers answered. Therefore, this place is our place to lift one another up when prayer calls all while knowing that there are not just two but hundreds of us in agreement.

Want to keep things anonymous, we can do that too. Either post anonymously on the blog or feel free to shoot me an email at No matter what, your prayers are safe with us should you not want names and full details released to the blog world.

In His Grip,
Angie Seaman